Why Your Company Should Adopt NetSuite in 2016

Is your organization a fast growing company with a continually evolving business model? Do departments consistently rely on spreadsheets for operational and financial information? Is e-mail a system of record for the business? These are all signs that it might

Why Pay Legacy ERP Maintenance Fees?

Many legacy ERP products like Sage, Epicor, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics require expensive maintenance fees ranging from 16-24% of the full product price. What is included in that yearly fee? Support and the right to future software releases are generally

How To Succeed in B2B e-Commerce

E-Commerce has helped many retailers open up new markets, expand offerings and increase revenue. Most notably, the estimated sales volume from Black Friday through Cyber Monday increased by double digits while in-store purchases decreased by almost $1 Billion. The majority

Dangers of IBWA (Inventory by Walking Around)

By Glenn Saunders I.B.W.A. is an acronym for Inventory by Walking Around.  This is to describe the process where an inventory manager or warehouse employee walks around the warehouse to determine quantity and location of inventory items. Another term used

What is your digital disruption plan for 2016?

By Glenn Saunders     Digital transformation is becoming a more prolific topic among the top consultancies in the world.  When the darling blue chip GE starts an active advertising campaign (See the Commercial Here) touting itself as “The digital company. 

How to avoid a software implementation disaster

By Glenn Saunders Implementing a software package, whether it’s for accounting, inventory management, manufacturing resource planning or any business area, is always a challenge for even the best organizations.  The result of a software implementation should not just be new

The seven deadly sins of Excel-based budgeting

By Glenn Saunders Microsoft Excel is the most widely used information management tool among businesses. Smaller companies typically use it to track expenses, keep up with accounts receivable and manage critical information like payroll. Larger companies have ERP, accounting and/or

A Better Healthcare Financial Planning and Analysis System:

Today’s Healthcare landscape is changing dramatically with governmental changes, an aging boomer generation, increased healthcare regulations, and others factors such as ICD-10.  It is important that healthcare companies stay on top of performance, properly deploy analytics and/or metrics, and forecast

Deal or no deal? How accurate is your financial system?

“What gets measured, gets managed” ~ Peter Drucker If there’s a transaction in your business’s future — whether it’s selling the business, trying to acquire debt or equity, or even going public — the reliability and validity of your financial

10 reasons why the cloud is changing the finance world

Business management systems are a critical success factor for growing enterprises. A business can plateau without scalable systems in place. Or, even worse, it can suffer a loss of existing customers due to mismanagement. The effective deployment and use of


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